5 Ways To ROCK Your Week

In one day, we balance so much as women. We run our households, make time for our relationships, make sure the kids are thriving and manage an eight day work week. I’m as guilty as the next on jam packing my weekends only to find my work week staring back at me.

Here’s the deal, though. Our work is a big part of our lives. We spend forty hours a week at least there and if you’re like me, it’s also an extension of who I am. The work and how successful I am allows me to fulfill another part of my life. Being prepared and having a plan has enabled me to not only achieve my goals but has given me a vision for what my future holds professionally. Vision is huge.

Enough about me though! Let’s talk about five ways you can ROCK your work week and start seeing your goals come to life.


There is no better way to start your week than knowing the must haves to get done. I’m in sales so setting up meetings is always going to be a big priority. For teachers, it may be curriculum that has to be done. For managers, it may be scheduling or budgets. These can and will be different across the board depending on your profession. But at the end of the day, your goals are the nonnegotiable part of work week. No matter what the next five days throw at you, they will get done.


I’m going to be real. There is no career that is without an obstacle of some sort and I will make a bold claim to fame here: The way you handle these obstacles will be a direct reflection of your satisfaction and progression in your career. It’s a mindset thing. Once you learn to be a part of the solution rather than a complainer of the problem you will feel more empowered in your career and dare I say, people will take notice and reward you for it.


In any given day you deal with a plethora of people and things in a work day. You’ve got the boss, your coworkers, more than likely a customer of sorts, other vendors or departments, and so on. All of those can be distracting and sometimes draining. It’s important for you to always keep the purpose of your company and your purpose at the forefront. Why do you do what you do? Hopefully it means more than just a paycheck because money will never be enough to give you the drive that meeting your purpose will. For me, it’s the ability to bring service to those in need. What’s yours?


I’m a big believer in balance. Like I said, we have so many things pulling us in so many directions on a daily basis. Our careers are only a part of who we are and what we do. I’m at my happiest when I feel that I am able to be both a mom, wife, employee and it all aligns with my faith. Is perfect balance always how it feels? It would be a lie if I said yes, but it is possible to be the best version of you in the moment that you’re in. The bottom line is evaluating your life and finding the areas that could use some tweaking to achieve your best balance will be the most well spent time of your life.


Last, but certainly not least is the ability to believe in you. Having confidence in yourself will not only help you slay your week, but will also lead to an overall happier and fulfilled life. My favorite people are the ones who don’t doubt themselves, take risks, and demand their worth and that all stems from knowing who they are and believing that’s all they need to be. You are capable. You have talent. You can handle whatever is thrown at you and you have the ability to conquer anything. Take those words with you through your week and you will be unstoppable!

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