Daily Affirmations

The power of positive self-talk is something that truly fascinates me. I’ve heard countless stories of how when successful people implemented affirmations and surrounded themselves with positivity, their dreams were actualized. I have myself seen the positive effects of starting my day with prayer and feeding myself with encouragement through social media. My question is this, can you wire yourself for success to be your default through daily positive affirmations? The second question that goes along with this is, how is your success defined?

I will start with the latter. This past year has taught me a lot. Beginning 2016, I was full of hope and excitement, but through loss and personal struggles I have begun to see success in a different light. Yes, I want to be financially secure, but more than that I want to wake up with a mission of knowing that I am using my God given talents to help people and not just make a quick buck. I want to show my daughters that you can be a woman who has a career and a family…and be great at both. I want to fight for justice of those who need a voice. To me, this means more than a car or a really nice home. I say this to lead here: What words can I use on a daily basis to guide me to my vision of success?

It is my voice and the one I hear more than any other. Speaking life on a daily basis, I believe, drowns out all the noise from the outside and allows us to refocus on who we are and wo God created us to be. I encourage you to use mine or even come up with your own that speak to who you are as a person and as we walk through this life, our goals and vision will come to be. I am excited to turn the page and bring to manifestation all that God has for me!

I am strong.

I am capable.

I am bold.

I am fearless.

I accept myself.

I am healthy and whole.

I allow God to lead me in life.

I am blessed with favor from God.

I set goals and do the work to achieve them.

I am present in the moment to enjoy life NOW.

I am open and aware of opportunities that will find me.

   I live in abundance and give to others through that abundance.

I love who I am becoming and encourage others to love themselves

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