A Podcast For Every Girl

I spend A LOT of time in my car. On an average day, it’s normal for me to drive over a hundred miles and with all that time, I’ve decided that my time is spent so much better listening and learning from others than having conversations with myself the entire day. Trust me, I can talk myself on a ledge and back off in a record time of a thirty minute drive between cities.

Insert podcasts.

So, who is all listening to these things? It’s interesting you ask. According to Salesforce.com (the guru’s of all things data) 24 percent of Americans have listened to a podcast in the last month and surprisingly more men than women are tuning in. Hmmm. They also report that listeners are higher educated and tend to have higher than the standard annual income! I’m liking where this is going.

I’m pretty sure I know what you are thinking and no they are not boring. Well, at least the ones I’m listening to. You can find topics on anything from property management to love advice. Chances are if you want to hear about it, you can find it on ITunes. Just saying.

As an experienced podcast listener (I use that term loosely), I feel it my duty to show you the ropes. So, stick with me and I’ll show you a podcast for every type of lady out there! No matter if you are working your way up the corporate ladder or you spend your day wrangling toddlers, I got you covered.


Healthy Living In Your Headphones

Well-Fed Women by Noelle Tarr and Stefani Ruper

This podcast is for the ladies that live the healthy and whole life or the ones who want to learn ways to live a healthier life. Both the hosts have really cute personalities and break down somewhat complicated issues like the effect of sugar in your diet and what supplements are really with it. I know I’m thankful for the tips. Don’t be fooled by the name, they aren’t just chatting about health. Anything goes with these ladies: men, hormones, skin care. You name it. The best part? You really feel like you’re just listening on two friends chatting up!


Listen Up Boss Ladies

The Amber Lilyestrom Show by Amber Lilyestrom

If you’re a woman with a purpose and some serious business goals, this podcast is for you. Amber is my mentor and she not only encourages you to slay your financial goals but to also stay true to who you are along the way. Her story is one of bravery, resilience, and self-acceptance. Another bonus? She loves to bring in other amazing women to connect her listeners to. She’s the real deal.


Mommin’ Ain’t Easy

Spawned with Kristen and Liz of coolmompicks

We all know that being a mom is a huge blessing, but let’s get real…it can straight up wear you out on sometimes. Kristen and Liz call it like it is and bring some humor to those day to day moments that seem so big at the time. They talk about everything from social media to helping kids with money management. All their topics are at the forefront of today’s issues and keep us asking tough questions about our parenting. Heads up, some of the episodes are rated explicit so you may want to pass right by those if you aren’t feeling that!


Declutter Your Mind

Functioning Minimalist by the Functioning Minimalist

These bit sized episodes last less than ten minutes, but I love how they put me in check and remind me on the regular that having more isn’t the answer to most of our problems. She isn’t just talking material stuff. In fact, the hosts is just as much about getting rid of emotions, habits, and anything else not serving our better selves. She’s super down to earth and the type of girl you feel could be your next best friend.


Check these out and comment back to let me know what you think! Podcasts can break up a long road trip or help making that chore work a little less boring. Have a suggestion for a podcast I should be listening to? Send it over, lady!

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