For a LONG time, I always lived under the motto that if you want more you have to do more. It drove my life for a number years and it led me to some of my greatest professional accomplishments.

The thing with that mentality is that society and culture reward you for it and you have this thought that you could be doing far worse things then stretching yourself thin. I grasped onto everything and it left very little left for me. My job was done. The kids were taken care of. I was doing something with my life.

The problem was that I was emotionally exhausted and spiritually absent trying to check things off a never-ending to-do list. I wasn’t enjoying this amazing life I had been blessed with. There was no time to slow down for it.

And life hit.

In a matter of four months, I lost both my dad and my brother and that spunky girl inside of me crawled out of bed every morning and did what she could do to survive. Somehow that list of things I couldn’t ignore before didn’t even cross my mind. There is no way to describe it other than I changed in my grief and as I began fighting to begin the healing process, I knew I had to be different.

Going through my pain, I began to redefine what life meant to me. Success became less about what others told me that I should want and more about what gave my life peace, balance, and purpose.

I drew the line in the sand. I found my value and demanded it be returned. No longer was I willing to accept less in life.

Today, I have a career that fuels my soul and allows me to reach those that need me. I am present in whatever moment I’m in. My family doesn’t get what’s left of me at the end of the day.